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Through everyday lifestyle patterns, injuries, illness, stress or trauma, our bodies may experience movement restrictions, weakness and/or pain. The body can lose its balance and freedom of movement.

Our instructors, each with over 20 years experience teaching Pilates, use their ability to read the body’s movement patterns, their understanding of myofascia manual releases techniques and the use of the Pilates method to help address and improve these issues.

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Born to Walk by James Earls

A two day workshop

Saturday 02.03.2024 from 9:00- 17:00
Sunday 03.03.2024 from 9:00 - 17:00

Walking is one of the most common daily functions, but one of the least understood biomechanically. To understand anatomy the therapist must first understand function. In this workshop we analyse the mechanics of efficient gait, looking at the chain of movement events from the feet to the spine and into the shoulders. We explore how gravity and momentum work in concert with joints and the fascial and myofascial tissue to improve proprioceptive communication, muscle firing, and collagenous tissue recoil. You will come away with the tools to investigate, analyse and intervene in non-pathological walking. We will explore the many ways in which collagenous tissues assist movement efficiency and then learn how to build a personalised movement program to improve your clients’ gait. His subject is applicable for a wide-ranging audience that includes osteopaths, physiotherapists, massage therapists and movement therapists.

James Earls
James Earls is a writer, lecturer and bodyworker, specialising in Myofascial Release and Structural Integration. In recent years he has concentrated on blending movement with manual therapy to create a new functional approach to bodywork. Throughout his 25 year career as a practising bodyworker, James has traveled widely to learn from the best educators in his field, including Thomas Myers, Art Riggs, and Gary Gray. James worked alongside Tom Myers to co-author “Fascial Release for Structural Balance”, a definitive guide to the assessment and manipulation of fascial patterns. He helped build the reputation of Anatomy Trains for Tom Myers through the UK, Europe, and worldwide. James is now concentrating on finding new approaches to understanding how to apply movement and myofascial principles to bodywork. He teaches a range of his own courses and is a regular lecturer at conferences and workshops around the globe. James’ blend of movement and fascial understanding led to the publication of his well-received “Born to Walk”, an introduction to the interconnected mechanics of the body, and the more recent 'Understanding the Human Foot’.

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  • James Earls
  • James Earls

Be. Holistic GmbH
Klosbachstrasse 3
8134 Zurich

Cost: Chf 650-
James Earls


Private Pilates single
CHF 100.- (trial session)
CHF 140.- (single session)
CHF 1300.- (10 session subscription)

Duo Pilates Sessions (per person)
CHF 100.- (single session)
CHF 900.- (10 session subscription)

Myofascial Body Release Work
CHF 80.- 30 min
CHF 140.- 60 min

Stretching Sessions
CHF 80.- 30 min

24 hrs cancellation notice required
Sessions are by appointment only
Abo must be paid before the first session
Prepaid sessions are non refundable
Prepaid sessions are valid for 6 months only
Prices and conditions are subject to change without notification

Our Studio

Kaya studio is fully equipped with the traditional Pilates apparatus.
We also work with an array of smaller accessories, tools and props.
To achieve faster and longer lasting effect we advise our clients to take what they learn with us and try to incorporate some of the exercises in theirs daily fitness routines at home.

The studio is situated close to Zurich and easily reachable by Bus 77.
We offer two visitors parking spots in front of the building and lift access if necessary.

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